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Fine Art Storage

Transportation of art to art storage facilities Dallas sometimes is intimidating. However, leaving art at home can be sometimes risky. And you might know that the regular sunlight fades the picture. But more than this some plastic panels affect the mold growth by trapping moisture inside! Since it's an investment you should care about you must create fine art storage.

Our Storage Specifications

Many artworks need to be stored in specific environments and different fine art storage facilities. Your first step to solve this issue should be the right storage lease. Everyone can transform a room into a simple art storage space. This room should be furnished and separated from other rooms to make the most of it. Space should be small and has little or no traffic. Don't place the artwork where you have an exterior wall since it can damage art. Such an approach helps to control the temperature fluctuations and active sunlight.

Readjust any room or even your pantry into an art work storage. And choose the room for that wisely. Both attic or basement won't do since there is no climate control, they are not insulated, and ventilation is poor. Ask the specialist when installing partitions and make sure to learn about dust damage and mold damage since they can smell in a particular way. This is how you'll know that the artwork is about to be spoiled. When the facility starts to smell fancy, change it.

And remember to never lace art or sculptures on the floor at your art storage facilities. The nicest placement is in closed drawers or up on the shelves. Get a pole or lifter to put large boxes higher.

Please note that any painting is intended to sit or hang. A dimmed place with special chains where you can hand frames is the best choice. There won't be sunlight and paintings. But not everybody has such rooms to store their precious investments. This is where you can hire an art storage Dallas to solve your issue. We have top-notch, secure, long and short-term storages that were made to store art. Everything is perfectly safe and made to meet all the international requirements of art storage. We value every piece of art and care about it as if it's our own.

Fine Art Storage

No Tasks Is Too Much for Us

And if you've made it with us, you are welcome to check your art at least once a month. This is how you can be sure that your collection is in perfect condition and it's safe and secure. See each art piece for pests traces like cocoons, incests, hair, or even feces. Mold is also a threat. But when stor-ing your art at our place, you can be sure that everything will be fine. Our specialists know all pecu-liarities of art storage and ready to help you with this question.

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