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Library & Book Movers

Moving books in private and public libraries can become a necessity for various relocations. When you need to move the library, it is especially important to take it seriously and find high-quality library moving companies. The moving company had to fulfill this task promptly and efficiently, without harming the book and furniture.

Moving the library is a specific job, and the staff of the moving company carries that out. Our trained loader teams carry this procedure out using professional equipment and packing material.

Dallas Library Moving Services

Transportation of a private or office library in Dallas is a responsible process for the professionals of Expert City Movers. Therefore, we carry out it under the experience and safety regulations. What services for moving library collections do we offer you:

  • We deliver packaging to the place of loading;
  • We pack books and magazines with the existing systematization of library catalogs;
  • We load, deliver, and unload marked boxes;
  • We unpack and place books and magazines in the required order;
  • After that, we scavenge the stuff we leave and take out the used packaging.

Libraries – public, corporate, academic, special – become our clients – they rely on our experience, and we can guarantee that we carry the moving correctly and efficiently, regardless of its size and location.

Library movers

Library Relocation Planning Stages

What do the qualified book movers of our company pay the most attention to:

  1. Careful packaging. Professional packaging is always available. Before transporting books, we properly packed them. Without considering all the nuances, throwing books in boxes, pulling them with ropes, you can damage them. Covers may deteriorate, sheets may wrinkle, books may simply tear.
  2. Our specialists take into account the route and method of transportation. Sudden braking of the truck can spoil the look of books. Experienced movers know how to place packed books, secure boxes, and prevent valuable cargo from being damaged.
  3. We sort books and use color-coding and numbering systems that identify them. Hardcover and softcover books should be in different packaging.
  4. We wrapped already prepared stacks with packing tape. After that, we transferred the books to cardboard boxes, which are specially provided for the move by the library movers.
Book movers

Moving library is a neat process. We will carefully prepare to move the library of any size. We use cardboard boxes of the right size for packing books, magazines, and other printed materials. Our movers will disassemble the racks and cabinets and then assemble the furniture in the new premises and put them in their places.

We accept library relocation requests 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thanks to well-functioning logistics and competent organization of work, we offer convenient prices. With our commercial moving company, you can be completely sure of books and shelves` safety.

You can clarify the price for the library relocation by filling out the form on the website or by contacting our managers by phone or by emailing.

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