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10 Top Reasons to Move to Garland, Texas

The second largest city in Dallas County and the 10th largest in the state of Texas, Garland is a busy and exciting city that is continuously growing and evolving. Known for its charming downtown, big city access, green expanses and lakeside location, it is a popular choice with families and young people alike.

Conveniently situated adjacent to northern and eastern Dallas, if you’re looking to relocate in Texas, Here are the top 10 reasons why you should consider Garland.

Moving to Garland Texas

1. The Cheap Price of Real Estate

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to house prices, you get more for your money in Garland than the majority of other cities in Texas. The vast majority of residential areas are surrounded by a wide variety of great amenities. House prices are on the up, due to the area’s popularity, so if you purchase a property now it’s likely that it will continue to go up in value.

2. The Low Crime Rate

Not only is Garland known for its great value properties, it’s also a stand out for its considerably low crime rate. Ranked as number 2 in Texas (and 19 in the nation), for being the one of the safest cities to raise a family, Garland is a popular choice for those with children.

3. A Popular City Choice For Millennials

Garland’s is an extremely popular location for millennials, you only have to look at the fact that its homeownership rate for millennials has jumped 8.8% in the last year alone. Garland ranked No. 3 for millennials in a 2019 study, that looked at education, jobs, housing, transport and entertainment/culture.

4. The Diverse Community

Garland is known as the fourth most diverse suburb in Texas and among the top 1% of diverse suburbs in America. The diverse and welcoming community is shown in the numerous cultural festivals that are put on throughout the year.

5. A Thriving Economy for Businesses

The Garland Chamber of Commerce and its many economic partners provide a wealth of resources for businesses of every size and industry, especially small businesses. Recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as performing among the top 1% of chambers nationwide, the Garland Chamber of Commerce is an established advocate for the local business community.

6. The Strong Education System

Garland Independent School District provides a unique School Choice program and the power to customize your child’s education. With a rich tradition of excellence, GISD boasts a diverse population that speaks more than 100 languages, as well as technology-driven campuses, magnet programs and approximately 200 Career and Technical Education courses.

7. The Exciting Downtown District

Historic Downtown Garland retains much of its early 1900s charm while attracting trendy urbanites to come play, shop and live. The City and its partners have created walkable streets, downtown residential housing, restaurants, breweries and more. It created a residential element with transit-oriented apartment buildings that quickly rented out to capacity.

8. The Vibrant Arts Scene

The arts in Garland have flourished with the multitude of culturally diverse organizations who perform at the Granville Arts Center facilities. The City of Garland brings rich fine arts experiences that attract patrons from throughout North Texas. Through the Garland Cultural Arts Commission, community-based arts and historic organizations have found strong support and opportunities to grow.

9. The Beautiful Outdoor Areas

Garland provides more than 2,800 acres for its residents to enjoy sports, recreation and other outdoor activities, as well as numerous aquatics and activity centers. Garland residents committed $117.8 million to Parks and Recreation programs in a 2019 Bond Election.

10. The Rich and Impressive History

As early as the mid-1800s, settlers began arriving in what is now Garland, thriving due to agriculture and two railroads. Since then, Garland has evolved into a metropolitan area city that offers its residents and businesses an excellent quality of life in an affordable and business-friendly climate. Learn more about Garland’s rich history by touring Heritage Crossing and the Landmark Museum.

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